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SmartDust Lab offer

Private, secure platform to remotely test mobile apps and websites on real devices.

Put your devices to our cloud infrastructure and test remotely your Android and iOS applications! Don’t forget about your website if you do not want to lose leads who browse the Internet with their mobile devices!
60 days Money Back Guarantee

They trusted us:
The deal is easy: we come to you and put your devices to our cloud infrastructure. In one day you have everything set up. From now on you can use your mobiles and add new ones wherever and whenever you want
Your Lab is fully secured and only you decide who can use it.
Yes we call it Lab, not farm! Why? Our solution is easy to use, but is still a sophisticated tool, which allows you to conduct plenty of tests with a single click!
OK, so you got those devices connected, what’s next you’ll ask?
Nothing simpler here! Launch your internet browser and put your Lab’s web address: coolcompany.smartdust.me
Of course you can choose your own domain, it’s only our proposition 🙂
Just log in and you are in! You can have as many accounts as you need. Use your registered email credentials or choose one of available Single Sign-On options (Google, Microsoft, Facebook or GitHub).


Now choose the real device you want to use remotely. You can easily check if it is available or used by your colleague thanks our intuitive UI.
Make a reservation for the most wanted devices, precisely plan your tests and let others know when you’re gonna need them.
Can’t wait? Just connect by yourself a new device to your Lab or rent one from our Public cloud devices pool and use it as a part of your Lab!

Remote job, office work or hybrid mode? Don’t waste your time and money on figuring out how to share your devices 24/7!
With SmartDust you can easily share devices connected to your company data center, our Public cloud or even a PC of every single colleague right from her or his desk.
We do not know a more convenient or effective way!


A single click and you’re connected to a mobile device, one or more at the same time!
Now you can conduct manual tests or go as a pro with automatic ones. With SmartDust you can integrate any test framework like Appium, Mockito, Espresso, UI Automator, Monkey Runner, Calabash and any other compatible with Android or iOS.


It is not rocket science to maintain your Lab after our set up. What you need to cover is to keep devices  powered on and charged.
The rest is on us (up to selected Support Level*) and can be fully covered remotely!
You can contact our support team by email, instant messaging or phone, whatever you prefer!

You may ask what we have that competition doesn’t?
Look at competitors’ tools and at our one. Now look at their price and our.
Do you want to look at their offer again?


Why are we so cheap?
Because money is not everything. They are important, but we also have some mission to accomplish. We believe that no one deserves to be excluded from the software quality area, especially indie developers, start-ups or smaller companies, which have interesting content to offer. We also do not agree to exclude people with older or low-end devices from using newest apps and enjoying websites with valuable content!

If you are surprised how hard it is to cover so many mobile devices available on the market you should talk with us.
We would be happy to explain to you why you need to set up SmartDust Lab or we can offer you some other alternative available in our product portfolio that can be a better match for you!
60 days Money Back Guarantee

Other things we can cover for your Lab:

  • integrations with CI/CD systems
  • adding custom features on top of the system
  • passing network traffic through a chosen endpoint for capture and inspection, VPN
  • assistance in designing the test environments, test scenarios, test automation and manual testing
  • flashing devices with official or custom firmware
  • installing SIM/eSIM cards
  • connecting Bluetooth and other accessories
  • other enhancements – we are ready for challenges!


Standard Support is included with all SmartDust Solutions. This level is mainly for autonomous customers who use services for non-critical applications.


Does your business need the very quickest response times from our support teams? With SmartDust Premium Support, your support requests are prioritised over Standard Support customer requests. We recommend it for non-critical environments.


The right level of support for production environments. SmartDust Business Support provides 24/7 access to technical support. The purpose of this is to provide a first response within 30 minutes to your critical incidents. It also gives you the option of requesting additional cloud architecture services (on quotation).


Enterprise Support provides you with key account expertise for your critical production environments, with extensive 24/7 technical support and additional services.