They trusted us:

How it works?

What can you test?

You can run your app, game, or website on hundreds of consumer devices.


How you can test?


We provide one-to-one interaction with the remote devices.
You can use your mouse, touchscreen, keyboard, or your own mobile device to interact manually with devices in our lab.


Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service integrates easily with any mobile IDE and CI/CD system and mobile testing framework.

Useful functions:

Your mobile devices are available to all your developers. Anytime, anywhere.

Seamless mobile SDK and IDE integration.

Full access to the device, just like it was lying on your desk.


Always at your service

Our qualified team is able to cope with various customer wishes,
also, help in building your own test farm with devices.
Contact us for a quote and more information.

About us


Every user device deserves to be supported

We believe that every developer should be able to create for all devices, not only for the most popular 2%.
High-quality user coverage and support cannot be limited to the 1st world only. A diverse testing lab access should be a commodity, not a luxury.
Every mobile creator should have a chance to grow a truly global user base and spread their ideas worldwide.
That’s why we are building SmartDust.


Affordable access to any user device

SmartDust unleashes the power of forgotten hardware.
We link underutilized devices stored at tech companies, private device labs, and other places with developers and testers who need them the most.
Thanks to lightweight software and reusing existing network infrastructure, we can offer 80%+ device coverage (covering above 95%+ of actual users). At the same time, we cut the operation costs per 1 device hour by 90%.
As a result, we give new groups of mobile creators a chance to grow a truly global user base and spread their ideas worldwide.