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Earn some money

with SmartDust uber-strategy

Be a part of our network and help other people like you test their apps properly.
Just contact us and we will explain how in easy steps you can connect your devices to our platform and earn some money.
Don’t allow your mobiles to grow with dust, use them effectively to make some profit for you and us. Oh and don’t forget about the thousands of active users we have, who are gonna be grateful for your input 🙂

Please provide below information to partners@smartdust.me

>your network parameters (ping, upload and download speed)
>models of devices you have (including number of pieces)
>information about your location (at least country and city)
>average availability of devices during a day (in hours)
Contact us


>laptop/PC with at least one USB 2.0 port
>Windows or Linux based OS
>stable Internet connection
>Google Chrome browser compatibility