Invite your friends to Clouds!

10 for you and your friend!

  • Share the Registration Invite Link below with your friends (you need to log in first to see it) to let them create a Free user account at SmartDust Public Cloud

  • Once your friend accomplishes free user registration, our Support will activate their account in the SmartDust Public Cloud (up to 1 business day), and you will be able to claim your prize using the below link:

  • Your friend will also get an extra €10 to use in SmartDust Lab!
  • You can claim an extra € for each registered friend!

€200 for you and your friend to use in your Lab!

  • When your friends buy a SmartDust Private Cloud subscription, make sure they add email in the “Additional information” field during the checkout screen,
  • Your email must be registered in any SmartDust Public Cloud to assign €200 worth of credits correctly,
  • Credits can be used for any purchase in an active Private Lab subscription.