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SmartDust Lab instantly connects you with hundreds of mobile devices to verify your creations, deploy them with confidence and always get 5/5 rating, on every device.

We use 100% real free-range devices, nurtured with care and shared with you by the best local farmers scattered around the globe. No more synthetic lab-grown hardware or software. No more artificial network environments. Your users don’t live in data centers so why should your apps? Set them FREE!

Just open your browser and feel the thrill of the real world.

If you’re a PRO, feel free to use ADB, CLU/XCRUN to integrate our infrastructure with your SDK/CI/CD and other tools for development, testing and deployment of your creations. We are here for you and your imagination, so let us know how we can help you build your device-inclusive empire.

Android Fragmentation

Check available devices

Debug Android apps & websites instantly using device logs, browser console and network logs, crash logs, video recordings, and screenshots for every test

Conduct parallel testing which lets devs and testers release Android builds faster by running tests concurrently across devices

Benefit from an exhaustive range of devices running on different Android versions

Manually test your website or app on Android devices, straight from your own browser.

Take screenshots, rotate the device and download logs immediately

Manually control device straight from your browser. Get instant access to real browsers and see how your website looks and behaves across multiple platforms

Testing Automation

Start automated testing

Use automatic tests to measure metrics such time taken to push releases, number of bugs caught or reversals and overall product NPS. Avoid comparing automatic testing with the manual testing process, since both of them play different roles in the overall development cycle

Test on real android devices, given multiple brands, come with new devices each year, with different configurations

Functional testing

Run functional tests

Validate you software quality against functional requirements and specifications

Easily create tests scenarios for different types of functional tests: smoke, sanity, regression, usability.

Regression testing

Check for regression

Ensure if one fix will not turn out to be serious bug on other devices with different OS versions

Simply prepare one reference test for many devices to ensure you are moving forward and really improving your software

Remote debugging

Connect Remote Debugger

Gain anywhere access to real mobile devices to develop or debug native and web mobile apps

Select the device by attribute such as brand, model, and OS version

Build and run native/web mobile apps on remote devices. Develop and debug your app, including inserting breakpoints. View the effect of your latest code changes on the app in real-time


  • Public devices only
  • Live preview
  • 1 device slot
  • 7 min session limit
  • Use your social account to sign up
  • or contact us to create email account


  • Public & Private devices
  • Live preview
  • ADB – Remote Debugging
  • 7 device slots
  • 777 minutes / month
  • No session limit
  • Newest available firmware


  • Public & Private devices
  • Live preview
  • ADB – Remote Debugging
  • 14 device slots
  • 1414 minutes / month
  • No session limit
  • Any official firmware


  • Public & Private devices
  • Live preview
  • ADB – Remote Debugging
  • Unlimited device slots
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • No session limit
  • Any official firmware
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