Private Device Labs

Private Instance

is a perfect solution for users, who want to:

  • – share same devices with other colleagues remotely

  • – have 24/7 access to selected devices from different markets

  • – effectively conduct manual tests

  • – integrate and run automatic tests

  • – increase security and convenience for management of their digital content

  • – lower maintenance and hardware costs

We can build your Private Lab covering:

>custom subdomain like
>€1000 of device credits to spend on available devices
>Private and secure WiFi with option for SSO integration
>Support package
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We also offer various additional services, like:

>additional devices
>integrations with CI/CD systems
>flashing devices with official firmware of your choosing
>flashing devices with your own custom firmware
>installing SIM/eSIM cards
>connecting Bluetooth and other accessories
>passing network traffic through a chosen endpoint for capture and inspection
>adding custom features on top of the system
>assistance in designing the test environments, test scenarios, test automation and manual testing
>for other services contact us