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Get instant access to any device model, even just-released, the most extraordinary and impossible-to-get ones.
Get all new flagships in seconds and don’t waste money on soon-to-be-obsolete devices ever again.

We share our knowledge

Want to enter new market? Don't know what devices your target customers are using?
We know! And we will tell you!
You can focus on devices relevant for your target audience!

Realtime debugging

Your game or app crashes on a popular chinese or indian device and you don't know why?
Connect to one of them instantly and debug your app in real-time. Use the same device and environment your app couldn't fully suppport.
Get your revenue from next millions of happy users!

App Screen App Screen Glow
FREE / pay-as-you-go

Use for FREE or as little as $0.01/min!
We charge only for actual use time.
No monthly payments required.

It tests by itself!

Show your testing scenario, once.
Our AI-powered testing service will take care of the rest. Different orientations, screen sizes, custom layouts, random UIs? If a kid can do it, our AI can do it to!
Want more control? We integrate easily with your existing automatic testing solutions such as Appium or Selenium.
Get aggregated results across all devices.

Leverage your existing development devices

In case you already have devices, connect them to our solution and create your own cloud.
Use them for FREE or EARN CASH for sharing them with other developers.


I'm an Android developer looking for devices

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I have Android device to share

Earn up to $70/day for each of your devices.
Got spare Android device? Just connect it to your own computer!
Sell its time for real money or donate it to get access to thousands of other models.

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